A new kind of font manager

FontRainbow Benefits

There are many benefits with FontRainbow. Here are six:

1 It's very simple.  
  Our aim is to make font management as simple as it could possibly be. For example, you can install and uninstall with a single click.  
2 No need to preview.  
  You'll never need to click on a facename to preview a font. With FontRainbow, sample text is visible all the time, for all fonts, with no clicking.  
3 More visibility.  
  Other font managers hide your fonts away in sets, as a list of facenames. FontRainbow brings your fonts out into the open, so you can see them.  
4 We make your fonts easier to explore.  
  FontRainbow categorizes your fonts by font family (Serif, Script, etc). We also measure each font and categorize for weight and width as well.  
5 No need to search for duplicates.  
  Fontrainbow checks automatically for duplicate facenames so that you can either filter them out of your list, or drop them permanently. That's quite a lot of work that you don't have to do.  
6 We respect your system!  
  Some font managers, when adding to a structure of sets, move or copy font files on your drive. We don't do this. FontRainbow maintains pointers to your font files, but the files themselves are unaffected and stay where they are.  

FontRainbow handles Windows TrueType (including collections), OpenType, and Adobe Type 1 fonts.
FontRainbow is currently only available for Windows. A Mac version is planned.

What early users have said about FontRainbow...

"it is just a simple, wonderful piece of programming"

"I've spent a bit more time combining 2 font sources on one computer and looking for duplicates - I wouldn't have considered the task without FontRainbow."

"I have been playing with it, up till 5am last night LOL!!"

Rainbows don't just look nice.
They can be useful as well!
FontRainbow Font Manager Screenshot