A new kind of font manager

Font management, re-invented.

FontRainbow presents a radical new way to organize and view fonts on a computer. For example, we don't use sets, as we find a structure of sets to be clumsy and difficult to work with - and rather like hiding things away in boxes. We think there's a better way.
There are no previews in FontRainbow. That's because they're not needed.
You'll never be looking at a list of facenames wondering what the text looks like;
the text is always there.
You can click in the bars to toggle attributes on or off. That's a lot easier than dragging a font into a set.
FontRainbow homepage screenshot
We've created an entirely new kind of GUI - a grid of coloured bars linking attributes and filter options at the top with markers at the sides. So, instead of a set called "Serif" that you move fonts into, there's an attribute called "Serif" that you tag fonts with.
You can create your own attributes very easily. Unlike with sets, you can use them individually or combine them together as you like, in a completely free-form and flexible way.
Smiley face This isn't part of our new interface -

it's how it will make you feel.

For a full examination of the rainbow method please see our parent website www.everclearsystems.com

The Rainbow Interface is protected by UK patent 2394874 and by US patent 7334185.